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Contents Cleaning King
Contents Cleaning King

Contents Cleaning King


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Contents King© was developed out of a need for Public Insurance Adjusters, Insurance Claims Adjusters and policyholders alike to have an easy way of entering in vast lists of damaged personal property and the associated costs of replacement. In the past, many people have either done this in an Excel spreadsheet or even by hand on notebook paper. Thanks to Contents KingĀ© these days are gone!

Contents King© allows the user to create projects under multiple policyholder names, add the policyholder contact information, sales tax rate and more. The user can then add rooms such as Living room, Dining room, Kitchen, etc to the project. Once the room names have been labeled the user can merely click on individual room names and begin inputting data such as the description, Model number, Serial number, life expectancy and age of the item as well as the estimated replacement cost of the items.

Once the above information has been entered the application will automatically calculate the depreciation based on the age of the item and useful life expectancy. Values for the replacement cost, actual cash value and depreciation are all shown automatically. Once the User has completed the data entry then reports can be printed that show each room on a separate page. Each individual page also contains all of the policyholders information as well as the claim information. If anyone has any questions on how to operate the application or has any ideas on how the application can be made better then please do not hesitate to contact me.

My contact information is:
Stephen Hadhazi
Public Insurance Adjuster & Software Developer
10311 Emnora
Houston, Texas 77043
Office: (713) 689-9177
Fax: (281) 596-7508

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