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In short, MacroNote allows users to quickly paste often used sentences or paragraphs into text windows using pre-defined assigned keyboard shortcuts.

MacroNote is a very simple, yet very sophisticated Text Macro Management System (TMMS).
MacroNote allows the user to perform the following functions:

1. Create and name multiple "Master Text Macros". Each Master Macro would have multiple sub-macro's called "Notes". For example. If you are using a property damage estimating program such as Xactimate and you were constantly having to write in the same line item notes this would get quite repetitive.

With MacroNote you could merely create a "Master Macro" called "Xactimate" and you would be able to then create "Notes" for each line item note that you commonly use. You would then assign each line item note a keyboard shortcut and from there on after anytime you have the MacroNote software running and the Xactimate Master Macro selected then those notes with the corresponding key board shortcuts would be available to you.

2. You can create as many Master Macros and notes as you like. When they are not in use, merely click on the Master Macro in the Macro "Tree" and all of the notes will be hidden.

3. You can Import and Export Master Macros. Depending on how many notes you add to a Master Macro it could potentially take an hour or longer to re-create if you decided to use MacroNote on another one of your computers. By using the Export and Import functions you can merely export all or only some of the Master Macros which you have created. You can then load them onto another computer that you use or even email them to a friend or business associate that also uses MacroNote.

Do not worry, if you are exporting a Master Macro that you intend to send to a friend you can always choose to export the notes without their content. This may be useful when exporting Master Macros that contain often used personal information such as credit card numbers or passwords.

4. MacroNote also allows you to print out the Master Macros with all the corresponding notes. This way, if you have a Master Macro that you use allot then you can tape it to your wall or desk as a quick reference to remind you which keyboard shortcuts the notes are assigned to.

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