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Glossary Insurance Claim Estimating Software Codes

iScope® insurance claim estimating software contains numerous built-in codes for individual line items. Refer to this list and use the appropriate code for your line items. Doing so will save you a great deal of time in terms of data entry. It will also ensure consistency throughout your estimate.

Abatement and Remediation – Enter the ABATEMENT code.

Acoustical Items – Enter the ACOUSTIC code.

Air Conditioning and Heating – Enter the AC code.

Bathroom Items – Enter the BATH code.

Brickwork and Masonry – Enter the MASONRY code.   

Cabinetry (kitchen, laundry, bathroom, etc.) – Enter the CABINETS code.

Cleanup Work – Enter the CLEANING code.

Concrete Items – Enter the CONCRETE code.         

Countertops (kitchens, bathrooms, etc.) – Enter the COUNTERTOPS code.  

Debris Removal – Enter the DEBRIS code.         

Doors and Related Items – Enter the DOORS code.   

Drywall and Sheetrock – Enter the DRYWALL code.      

Electrical Items and Wiring – Enter the ELECTRICAL code.     

Excavation – Enter the EXCAVATION code.         

External coverings (carports, awnings, patio covers, etc.) – Enter the COVERINGS code.     

Fascia – Enter the FASCIA code.        

Fences and Gates – Enter the FENCING code.         

Finish Carpentry – Enter the FINISH code.      

Finish Hardware (locks, deadbolts, hinges, hooks, towel holders, etc.) – Enter the HARDWARE code.         

Fireplaces and Related Items – Enter the FIREPLACES code.    

Flooring (carpets, tile, wood floors, etc.) and Related Items – Enter the FLOORING code.   

Framing – Enter the FRAMING code.

Insulation – Enter the INSULATION code.    

Interior and Exterior columns – Enter the COLUMNS code.

Kitchen and Laundry appliances – Enter the APPLIANCES code.

Lighting – Enter the LIGHTING code.  

Marble (including marble veneer, bath and shower surrounds, stone walls, marble carvings, door and window architraves, and coping stones) – Enter the MARBLE code.        

Mobile Home Items (jacks, frames, joists, shutters, trusses, vinyl skirting, etc.) – Enter the MOBILE code.        

Painting – Enter the PAINTING code. 

Painting Prep Work – Enter the PREP code.

Paneling – Enter the PANELING code.        

Permits – Enter the PERMITS code.        

Plaster – Enter the PLASTER code.        

Plumbing – Enter the PLUMBING code.

Pools and Spas – Enter the POOLS code.      

Rain Gutters – Enter the GUTTER code.  

Relocating Contents – Enter the CONTENTS code.        

Roofing – Enter the ROOFING code.

Scaffolding – Enter the SCAFFOLD code.        

Siding (General) – Enter the SIDING code.

Siding (Stucco) – Enter the STUCCO code.

Skylights – Enter the SKYLIGHTS code.        

Soffit – Enter the SOFFIT code.  

Specialized Items – Enter the SPECIAL code.        

Stairs and Bannisters – Enter the STAIRS code.         

Temporary Items (emergency board-ups, temporary heating, tarps, traffic cones, job site security, storage trailers, etc.) – Enter the TEMPORARY code.      

Tile (Flooring) – Enter the FLOORING code.

Tile (General: counters, shower surrounds, etc.) – Enter the TILE code.

Wallpaper – Enter the WALLPAPER code.       

Water Restoration – Enter the WATER code.       

Windows and Glazing – Enter the WINDOWS code.