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iScopeCloud® FAQs

Why is an iScope® subscription so inexpensive?
iScopeCloud® was created by a software developer that was also a working roofer, general contractor and then a public insurance adjuster. The developer of iScopeCloud wanted to give back to the industry and the people that have been so kind with their knowledge throughout the years.

Can you import photos and other images into iScopeCloud?
Absolutely! You can import photos/images and also choose to re-size the images automatically to make your final report file size smaller. You can drag-and-drop images to re-order them and also write detailed descriptions of what appears in each image.

In what format is the report generated?

iScopeCloud® prints to a PDF file, which you can then choose to email or print to paper. Each report can include:
- A custom company header at the top of each page of the report with your company logo image in the top left corner of the company header.
- A detailed cover-sheet with client information, claim adjustor's name, your disclaimers, and even a signature line for the policyholder or client to approve the document.
- Area-by-Area, Room-by-room dimensions and line item lists with unit costs broken down into multiple columns
- A photo pictorial
- …And much more than what we could reasonably list here

Is there a method by which to change the default settings in iScopeCloud?

Certainly. In the Global Settings you'll find an exhaustive tab-by-tab assortment of configurable default settings. Just some of the default global settings that can be changed are:

The default company header, the default opening statement, the default room height, whether or not to add general contractor’s overhead & profit, the sales tax rate, whether to use depreciation and many, many more.

Is it possible to factor the costs in an estimate by a certain percentage?

You bet! You can choose to factor the entire estimate or just a room. You can also do a search for a specific line item in an estimate and make a change to the cost or description everywhere in the estimate where that line item occurs.

Who Uses the iScopeCloud® Web-Based Construction Estimating Software?
The iScopeCloud® property insurance claim estimating application is designed specifically to meet the needs of contractors and public adjusters, though other companies and professionals involved in unit cost estimating of other kinds may find the software very useful as well.