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iScopeCloud® was developed by Steve Hadhazi, a software developer, who began his career as a roofer and general contractor and then as a public insurance adjuster. As someone who had to write property damage repair estimates on an almost daily basis, Hadhazi quickly grew frustrated with the lack of flexibility and frankly, the lack of thought that went into the workflow of most of the estimating packages that he had used. Hadhazi knew, as a software developer himself, that the problem was that the people writing the software were not likely the people that actually used the software. This is a common theme in the world of software development. Many developers can make something work, but all too frequently, they are not themselves the ones using it in the field. This almost inevitably leads to an inefficient workflow.

Having the knowledge that his own frustrations were also shared by other public adjusters and contractors, he decided to share the first version of iScope® with colleagues. The elimination of “Extra steps” in the workflow and the addition of powerful and easy to use macros, sub-macros and many other “bells & whistles” proved extremely popular and iScope® was very well received by his peers.

As more colleagues found iScope® to be useful and out of a desire to help his fellow adjusters, Hadhazi made a commercial version of the iScope product and made it available to the contracting & public insurance adjusting industry at a much lower price than most of the competing products. Register for iScopeCloud account now and experience a streamlined workflow that many people agree works “just like you think it should”. Click here to register for your free trial!