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The Benefits of Property Insurance Claim Unit Cost Estimating Software Applications

Utilizing software applications specifically made for the estimation of construction repair work on property insurance claims is likely the best decision anyone in the construction estimating or public adjusting field can make

  • The iScopeCloud property damage estimating platform allows it’s users to work more efficiently and accurately than any of their competition that is still handwriting their construction estimates.
  • Accuracy – iScopeCloud provides a huge zip code based price database that contains unit costs on over 10,000 line items
  • Super-Fast Data Entry – Macros and “quick-buttons” contained in iScopeCloud allow it’s users to rapidly “drop in” huge lists of line items into rooms. This saves an incredible amount of time, because the user can then merely go down the list of items in a room and delete the items that he does not require instead of having to think about and remember the items that he needs and then search for them one by one.
  • Very Few Errors – By using a price list where all of the line item descriptions have already been typed out and the unit cost pricing defined, you can expect to have far fewer errors than typing things out one at a time.
  • Professionalism – in iScopeCloud, you can add photos or other images as well as policyholder/client acknowledgements, dimensions and many other details and then generate an incredibly professional looking estimate report in a PDF format that can then be either emailed or printed.
  • The iScopeCloud® web-based property insurance claim estimating software allows users to create accurate damage estimates very quickly. The price list is zip-code based and all line items are user editable. Register for a free trial of iScopeCloud now!