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iScope® Insurance Claim Software – A Real-World Solution for Real-World Results

Estimating insurance losses requires a broad mix of skills, expertise, tools, and access to information. All of these elements must then come together to produce accurate, real-world estimates so that the insurance company and the policyholder can reach a satisfactory settlement. iScope® insurance claim software is designed to bring everything together into an accurate, easy-to-use application – complete with 30 days of free access to the latest pricing information from the Company® database.

What is iScope®?

iScope® insurance claim software is a free application designed specifically for public insurance adjusters by one of their own, Texas public adjuster Stephen Hadhazi. Often frustrated by existing programs, Hadhazi used his own software development skills to devise a better solution. His solution addressed all of shortcomings the other programs had. Realizing that he had indeed "built a better mousetrap," Hadhazi fine-tuned the program and offers it to other insurance adjusters.

What makes the software better than existing insurance claim software? For starters, iScope® is easy to use. Simply install it, explore its interface, and you'll soon see how intuitive it is.

Whilst most contractors and public insurance adjusters who have experience working with similar unit-cost based construction estimating software, iScopeCloud contains an entire library of free training videos that explain each and every aspect of iScopeCloud so well that they have the potential to make an expert iScopeCloud user out of a novice in just a matter of hours.

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